NWIHA September Meeting  Training

September 12-13, 2018 

Rental Housing:  An Alternative to Homeownership

Since the inception of Indian housing programs fifty years ago, the emphasis has been on homeownership, which often failed to address the needs of families who are either not ready for homeownership, or who have chosen not to be burdened with the responsibilities of being a homeowner.  NAHASDA provides the Recipient significant flexibility in how it designs its rental programs, in terms of the type of housing (single or multifamily, cooperative or condominiums), who it serves (families, the elderly, special needs), and how it is financed and developed. These choices allow recipients to tailor their rental programs to local needs and conditions.

The September 2018 NWIHA training, Rental Housing:  An Alternative to Homeownership, will include the following elements, with a special emphasis on the financial aspects:

  • Planning and implementing rental housing programs, with special consideration for local housing needs (demand), revenue requirements, and feasibility;
  • Resources available to develop and operate rental housing programs, including partnerships with local lenders, developers, nonprofits, and others in order to leverage the dollars and experience necessary to maximize the value of the IHBG investment in the property and provide quality rental housing;
  • The importance of conducting a local market study to document rental housing needs in terms of type and size of housing and the demand, or willingness to pay, for housing at a specified price;
  • Rental payment configurations, such as income-based rents (with or without caps) and market-based rents, including the impacts on the community when making these decisions;
  • Consideration of a Recipient’s financial capacity to operate rental housing over the long-term, and options available to reduce costs and/or increase revenues.


We are very pleased that William "Bill" Guevara has agreed to provide our training.  Bill is a former Executive Director for several Tribal Housing Authorities, and has also worked in the mortgage, real estate, and construction industries for many years. He has 17 years’ experience working in Native American community and economic development throughout the United States including Alaska and Hawaii. As the former Director of Programs, Technical Assistance and Training for First Nations Oweesta Corporation, Bill managed the following programs; Native Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Development, Native Credit Union Development, Financial Education and Asset Building, Native Entrepreneur and Enterprise Development and Consulting. Currently Bill is a licensed general contractor, licensed real estate broker, endorsed loan originator with the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System & Registry (NMLS) and a former HUD Section 184 certified loan originator. He has been an independent consultant since 2005.

Dates and Times

Training will be held on Wednesday, September 12th from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM, and on Thursday, September 13th, from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM.