Northwest Indian Housing Association

The Mission of the Northwest Indian Housing Association is to promote safe, sanitary, decent and affordable housing for Tribal members in the Pacific Northwest. We accomplish this by providing training and education opportunities; providing a forum for the discussion and resolution of issues; advocating for the collective benefit of all members; effectively linking members to information and financial resources; and working collaboratively with our industry partners.

September 2018 Annual Meeting & Awards 


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NWIHA-ONAP Joint Training

The September 2018 NWIHA training, Rental Housing:  Beyond Homeownership, will include the following elements, with a special emphasis on the financial aspects:

  • Planning and implementing rental housing programs, with special consideration for local housing needs (demand), revenue requirements, and feasibility;
  • Resources available to develop and operate rental housing programs, including partnerships with local lenders, developers, nonprofits, and others in order to leverage the dollars and experience necessary to maximize the value of the IHBG investment in the property and provide quality rental housing;
  • The importance of conducting a local market study to document rental housing needs in terms of type and size of housing and the demand, or willingness to pay, for housing at a specified price;
  • Rental payment configurations, such as income-based rents (with or without caps) and market-based rents, including the impacts on the community when making these decisions;
  • Consideration of a Recipient’s financial capacity to operate rental housing over the long-term, and options available to reduce costs and/or increase revenues.