NWIHA Fall Conference Now Scheduled

The 2020 NWIHA Fall Conference (virtual) is now scheduled for:

  • Tuesday, September 22, 2020, 9:00 am – 12:00 noon (PDT)
  • Wednesday September 23, 2020, 9:00 AM – 12:00 noon (PDT)

There is no charge for this meeting.


In addition to our normal Business Meeting topics (approval of Minutes and Financial Reports, and reports from ATNI, NAIHC, and Amerind) we will also have presentations from the IHS, BIA, Bigwater Consulting, and NwONAP.

For a complete agenda, click on the following link: AGENDA

Although you won’t need these for the meeting, if you would like to view or print the Business Meeting documents prior to the meeting, click on the following links:

Note to NWIHA Voting Members:

So that we can be assured of having a quorum, please join the meeting for Roll Call at 9:00 AM on Tuesday. For members who cannot attend the meeting, please complete a Proxy and send to info@nwiha.org. Proxy forms can be found here: PROXY

This is a virtual online meeting; you will need to access the meeting using a smart device (computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone) with internet or WiFi connection. A web camera is not required but will be utilized if available. All meeting documents will be shared with all participants via ZOOM during the meeting.

We know many of you may already be familiar with zoom, but for the novice user, please feel free to review this information: ZOOM TUTORIAL

Access Information:

To join the meeting on September 22nd and 23rd, please use the button below:

Through the email link you should be taken directly to the meeting room. However, if you are prompted for a meeting ID and/or password, use the following:

 Meeting ID: 823 3252 7387

Passcode: 505736

If you do not have access to the internet, you can join the meeting with audio only by calling into the meeting at (253) 215 8782 and providing the meeting id and password above. For those joining with audio only, meeting documents will be made available on the NWIHA website (www.nwiha.org) prior to the meeting.

On the day of the meeting, please sign into the meeting by 8:55am (PDT). Participants will be “admitted” into the meeting by the host. In order to confirm registration, we ask that participants sign in with their first name and organization (example: Charles, NWIHA). This naming convention will also help the NWIHA identify individuals throughout the two days.

Virtual Training Notes

  • Upon entry to the room, microphones will automatically be muted.
  • Once in the room, you can use the chat function to message the host directly with issues/problems.
  • If you have trouble connecting to the meeting, please email info@nwiha.org or call 360-220-9212.

Thank you and see you at the meeting!